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Chronic pain doesn’t have to last your entire life. You don’t have to simply accept it and suffer with the discomfort. Come to Chesapeake Family Wellness Center, and experience the relief you’ve been looking for.


Are you joints stiff? Do you have trouble with stairs? Our treatments can help your body move better than it has in years. You might be astonished at the fantastic results we have come to be known for!


Life is stressful. And unfortunately stress can cause weight gain, insomnia, even pain! But if you put your trust in us, we’ll show you why we’re the local’s top choice, and we’ll help you learn to manage the stress.

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Progressive Care

Our mission and goals for our patients require that we only use techniques which are the most modern and well-researched. The tools and methodologies we use are elite and advanced for our patients’ benefit.

Hands-On Manipulation

Do you have back pain or neck pain? Dr. Brian Colquitt has an expert ability to manipulate the spine in ways that provide relief for your pain. He uses a variety of adjustments and techniques to improve mobility and restore communication within the nervous system.

Massage Therapy

Whether you’ve had an injury, recently delivered a baby, or you’re just sore from exercise or physical exertion, a massage can help restore your body and allow it to heal. Our Massage Therapists are ready to help you with any aches and pains, or stiff muscles or joints.

Weight Management

True wellness also means staying in a healthy weight range. That’s why we offer our ChiroThin program. We have helped countless patients lose weight, and keep it off, for a healthy, fit, long life!

Nutritional Advice

Bodies need the proper fuel to propel them through the toughness of life! And in order to get the proper fuel, you might eat well, and make the right choices! We can help advise you on what to eat and what to avoid.

Patient Resources

We know that our patients have a big life to live when leave our office. With that in mind, we are here to educate you so that you can make the right choices to keep feeling well, and constantly improve your condition.

Personalized Care

When our patients visit us, we don’t just see a knee injury, back ache, or a bad hip. We see a human being! And we know your treatment plan must be customized to your unique condition, and integrated with any other care you might be receiving as well.

Serving all Maryland Patients

Our care is so gentle that patients have no age limit, high or low! We make sure that no one is excluded for any reason, because everyone needs help, and that’s why we are here. Our community deserves the best healthcare around, and that’s what we deliver.

Reviews from Google Places

Chesapeake Family Chiropractic
4.8 out of 5 stars
20 reviews
10015 Old Columbia Rd
Columbia, MD 21046, USA
(410) 381-7246
Mike McDonald
5 out of 5 stars
Friendly staff, very casual and low key. It's nice that they have movies to watch during stim/traction/etc. Doc seems to know his stuff, has helped my scoliosis and regained a lot of range of motion. Wish I knew chiropractors could do this long ago.
John Salmans
5 out of 5 stars
My son came in to the practice over a year ago with chronic pain in the back and leg from years of playing travel soccer. This was apparently something he had been dealing with for some time. I've had past successes with chiropractic care and wanted to see what could be done for him. Doctor Colquitt immediately recognized the nature of his condition and was able to administer treatment to him. My son felt improvements after his very first visit. Everyone on staff is great to work (Doc, Zach, Jason, Terri, and Jackie). They've taken great care of my son and other members of my family as well. I highly recommend their practice to anyone looking for quality chiropractic care. John Salmans
Kendall Britta
5 out of 5 stars
I highly recommend this practice. I researched many places while considering Chesapeake Family Wellness and Dr. Colquitt in my area, and was disappointed at what I found. Places were concerned with my Insurance Coverage before I ever stepped into the office. Although I realize the Insurance Industry is changing and Managed Care is controlling of visits, it turned me off because I want them to treat me regarding my pain instead of my pocket. I also realize this is a Management issue and not a Doctor/Patient issue, but it just turns you off when you call an office. At Dr. Colquitt's office they handled me and my problem over the phone. They took my financial information over the phone, but that wasn't discussed any further. The lady on the phone stated "Dr. Colquitt treats the patient, not the Insurance" when she said that, I knew I was in good hands. No pun intended. When you see a chiropractor you want them to be present time and have a great bedside manner, they are helping your body help itself, not giving me a pill and charging me for an exam and $185 dollars later. Moving into the area from another state was unsettling in itself and I wish I could take my chiropractor with me and my family from where I moved, but that's not possible. Now, I had checked out several places in about five cities including reading ratings and Internet blogs and speaking with three practices. I feel when you see a chiropractor you should be comfortable and be willing to drive a good distance. I mean ,they are fixing my rugby beatings and sitting behind a desk all day destruction. I suffer from headaches to shoulder pain, I take advantage of the Laser Therapy that they offer, even though my Insurance doesn't cover it. I can get back on the field alot faster with this kind of therapy. Personally speaking Dr. Colquitt cares about my health more than I do, my kids pediatricians don't offer that level of personable outlook. I found the staff to be highly skilled, extremely honest and friendly, and very professional in every way. The Director, Terri Colquitt (wife) is very ethical and is totally focused on your outcome and satisfaction. She followed up with me personally. The office is completely paperless, they even text me reminders of my appointments. The chiro assistants was amazing, I loved him! Ryan was a pleasure to be with and cared just as much as Doc Colquitt does! How is that even possible! Usually you love the staff and are ok with the Doctor or Love the Doctor and are annoyed with the Staff. The way they informed me of what they were doing and setting my expectations, and how comfortable they made me feel. The procedure went very smoothly and I had a very quick recovery from not seeing a Chiro for several months. I'm very happy that I chose them and chose to go through with this office. I considered driving the 4 hours once a month to go see my old one, you will not be disappointed with your treatment. Your insurance coverage may not be there for you, but Dr. Colquitt and staff will be. It's a great personal investment in yourself and this is clearly the place to have it done.

Chiropractic Care

Our treatment is painless. It requires no needles, medications or surgery. Dr. Brian Colquitt, your chiropractor Columbia MD, does not believe that patients should be forced to go under the life without being offered other options. Our treatment is different, because we reach the root cause of your pain. We get to the source of it, and treat that. That means we don’t chase your symptoms around, we focus on where it’s all starting. And what that results in is a revitalization of your spine, your posture, your mobility, and improvement in your symptoms as well!

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is for everyone! Whether you’ve had an injury, recently delivered a baby, or you’re just sore from exercise or physical exertion, a massage can help restore your body and allow it to heal. Our Massage Therapists are ready to help you with any aches and pains, or stiff muscles or joints. Contact us today if you feel you could benefit from a massage.

Cold Laser Therapy

Here at Chesapeake Family Wellness Center, we are now offering Cold Laser Therapy for our patients experiencing acute or chronic pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments. Cold Lasers work by targeting trigger points, or by covering a broad area of tissue and bone to reduce pain and help stimulate the healing process. This therapy is non-addictive and non-invasive, so it’s a great option to surgery, and even acupuncture.

Weight Loss

Our ChiroThin program is a doctor supervised weight loss program that involves diet and behavioral modifications to help you make better selections, combined with a dietary supplement of amino acids, vitamins, and cell salts which have been known to help metabolize fatty acids. All of this helps the body burn more fat, and also use it as energy when needed (ie when someone eats fewer calories than they burn). This may be the weight loss solution you’re looking for!