What to Expect at the Chiropractor

First Visit
When walking into to Chesapeake Family Wellness you will instantly feel at home. We are a small, family-owned practice and strive to make our patient feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Our waiting room is cozy and includes books, magazine and games for your entertainment as well as a TV, usually playing a family friendly movie or show. We also have coffees and teas available for you and/or your family members who come with you.

Each time you come to the office you will be greeted by our friendly and personable staff. You will check in using our innovative iPad system and be asked either to have a seat for a few moments or to head to the back to get started on your therapy.

Patient Paperwork
Prior to your first visit we ask that you fill out our online patient intake form. The paperwork not only allows us to process your visit quickly and effectively, it gives the doctors valuable insight to your condition and medical history.

If you are unable to log on and complete the patient intake form prior to your visit, please arrive at the office 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill it out at the office. Depending on your insurance, there may be additional forms to fill out when you arrive.

Consultation / History / Examination
In order to fully understand what’s going on with your body, Dr. Colquitt will spend some time discussing the reason for your visit and will ask you various questions, both general and specific, related to your condition. Next, he will perform a comprehensive evaluation including chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurologic tests to determine the correct diagnosis.

In addition, all patients receive comprehensive x-rays as part of their initial consolation. Doc will use these to determine the extent of your condition and develop a personalize plan to get your back to good health. Our office is fully equipped to take and process your x-rays so there is no need for a referral or lab visit.

First Treatment
If all goes well with the initial examination most patients will receive their first treatment, same day of the consultation. This will most likely take no longer than fifteen minutes, but will possibly allow you some immediate temporary relief if you are in pain. Treatment options may include spinal adjustments, assisted stretching, soft tissue treatments, massage and/or heat/ice.

Follow Up
Since it takes a day or so to process the films, patients will be asked to schedule a follow up visit. In this visit Doc will go over your x-rays and discuss your comprehensive care plan. Most patients will have additional questions, and Doc will answer them in depth and discuss his plan to get you on your way to improving your health.

Health Insurance
We accept most major insurance carriers, at least all those that offer Chiropractic coverage, with the exception of Medicaid, Tricare, and Kaiser. To find out if we take your insurance, of if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 410-381-7246. We will work with you to ensure your insurance is set up for your visits to Chesapeake Family Wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a good tip to keep in mind at all times: chiropractic adjustments are not for amateurs! Although certain movements or positions may cause your back to “crack” (otherwise known as the popping noise that you hear during some adjustments), spinal manipulation is a very specialized technique, for which Doctors of Chiropractic work very hard to perfect. In fact, at-home adjustments may be totally counterproductive and could potentially lead to injury. So instead of letting your husband/wife/teenager/cousin/friend walk on your back, leave the adjusting to a professional!
After you injure yourself, it is important to get in to see a Doctor of Chiropractic as soon as possible. After something like a car accident, the effects may not be felt until more than a week later and, by that time, you may have internal scarring that is difficult to remedy. Even if you aren’t necessarily in pain, getting into you chiropractor’s office within a couple of days post-injury can help to speed up the healing process and lessen the amount pf pain that you may eventually feel. Furthermore, by taking good care of yourself between chiropractic visits (i.e. eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, participating in approved exercises, and getting appropriate amounts of rest), you will help to speed up your own recovery process.
No. While massage generally concentrates on muscle tension and improving circulation throughout the body, chiropractic adjustments concentrate on the nervous system, the spinal column, and overall body structure. However, many chiropractic offices do offer massage therapy, as well.
No. You only receive chiropractic care as long as you wish to.
It depends on your goals! Ask your chiropractor first, but if you are working on fixing your posture, or correcting unhealthy areas of your spine, you would commonly get adjusted even without pain or discomfort!

This Place is Amazing!

This Place is amazing!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a chiropractor. The staff is amazing and makes you feel like you are part of a family as soon as you walk in.

— Cristina H.

I Leave Feeling Refreshed Everytime!

I have been coming to see Dr. Colquitt on and off for some time now. I always feel refreshed when I leave and better than the previous visit. He and his staff are very courtesy and make me feel appreciated. I can’t say enough about this practice and it’s staff.

— J. Turner

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