Single Leg Band Stretch

July Muscle of the Month: Hamstrings

Single Leg Band Stretch


1: Lay with your back flat on the ground

2: Using a slightly taught resistance band, loop the band around the ball of one foot

3: With your leg straight, gently pull your band toward your chest

4: Sink deeper in the stretch with each exhale

5: Stretch each side 30-120 seconds


Single Leg Band Stretch Single Leg Band Stretch


Each month at Chesapeake Family Wellness, we choose a “Muscle of the Month” to focus on, and to help inform our patients on relieving pains they may be experiencing. Each month will start off with how to foam roll a specific muscle, followed by demonstrations on how to stretch the same muscle. It is often muscular imbalances that are creating pain. Tight hamstrings often cause low back pain. Over compensating with your left side could be causing pain on your right side. The human body is an incredible thing, so keeping it flexible and strong is incredibly important. To learn more about our “Muscle of the Month” series, please check us out on YouTube at Chesapeake Family Wellness or on Instagram @Chesapeakefamilywellness. Both on YouTube and Instagram, we go over all the motions of each stretch and release for each muscle. We also post patient testimonials, our blog entries, words from the Doc, and share other chiropractic care information. If there is ever a topic you wish us to expand on, feel free to message us on our Chesapeake Family Wellness Center Facebook page so we can connect!

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