Popping Noise During an Adjustment

Popping Noise During an Adjustment

Crrrrraaaaackkkk…POP! Ahhh, the satisfying sound and instant relief of a good spinal adjustment. If your chiropractic care plan involves spinal manipulation, you know that these sounds mean you’re going to be feeling fabulous when you stand up – but what exactly is going on when you hear that pop? Today, we’re here to answer your question: What’s that Popping Noise During an Adjustment?


Spinal adjustments are the most common techniques of chiropractic we perform at Chesapeake Family Wellness Center. Gentle and non-invasive, spinal adjustment is the best way to realign the spine and maximize the efficiency and function of your nervous system.


We find that our patients who are new to chiropractic care tend to get nervous when the doctor prepares for an adjustment. New patients often fear that cracking noise because of common misconceptions. So we’d like to clear up what exactly is going on to create these magical sounds!



These popping noise during an adjustment, clinically known as cavitation, is a normal and healthy response of a join moving through a certain range of motion. This change of pressure within the joint cavity releases a gas and tension, resulting in an audible sound. Most of our patients experience instant relief from tight back pain.


Contrary to what some believe, spinal manipulation is not dangerous or bad for your health. The manipulation and cracking sounds are music to our ears and relief for your joints. But we also like to inform our patients that the POP sound is not necessary for relief. It is not our goal of an adjustment to produce and audible noise, rather to realign the spine. You do not need to hear a big crack in order to stand up after an adjustment feeling like a million bucks!


If you are still curious about the cracking sounds of cavitation, click here to download our graphic that goes into the specifics about the spine!

Popping Noise During an Adjustment

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