Knee Pain: The 4 Types You Shouldn’t Ignore

Knee Pain: The 4 Types You Shouldn’t Ignore
Let’s talk about knee pain.

You’ve probably landed on our page today because you’re experiencing some type of pain in your knees that has reached a breaking point. Or, perhaps you just started feeling something off with one or both of your knees, and you are curious to what is going on. Whether your knee pain is significant and severe, or subtle and bearable, when it comes to knee pain, there are 4 types you shouldn’t ignore!

A lot of us take our knees for granted and put them through an incredible amount of stress that can lead major issues as we age. The knee joint connects the two longest bones in our bodies: the femur (the thigh bone) and the tibia (the lower leg/shin bone). So, now knowing the incredible responsibility placed on your knee joints, can you believe that knee problems account 1 out of every 3 doctor’s visits for muscle and bone pain?

Knee Pain: The 4 Types You Shouldn’t Ignore


Knee pain can stem from something as simple as poor posture, or standing all day at work. But there are certain situations and levels of pain that you should not ignore. The following symptoms and situations are what I would recommend to schedule an appointment for – and the sooner the better.

1: You’ve had a Minor Sports Injury

This one is for all of our weekend warriors out there! Maybe you’re signed up for a Saturday night flag football team, or you perhaps you play tennis with your best friends before brunch every Sunday morning. You’re an active individual and you partake in sports on a regular basis – but suddenly during a game you play so often, you suffer a minor sports injury.

If we’re assuming this injury is indeed minor, you might shrug off the knee pain you are experiencing. Have you experienced this knee discomfort before? Have you recovered quickly in the past? Yeah, let’s shrug this minor injury off just like all the others, because after all, knee pain comes and goes, right?


I cannot stress to our patients enough the importance of taking sports injuries seriously. As the human body ages, joints become more and more vulnerable to damage. And according to the Arthritis Foundation, osteoarthritis can occur as early as age 20! So, even in your twenties, you are more susceptible to sports injury like ACL, MCL, LCL and meniscus tears, then you may have expected!

If you are currently experiencing knee pain from what you brushed off as a minor injury, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.


2: You Hear a Snap, Crackle, Pop!

As a chiropractor, I am no stranger to reassuring new patients that the cracking and popping of an adjustment is totally normal (I’ve even written about what that popping noise is during an adjustment, check it out!). Cracking your knuckles is common, and you may even crack your own wrists, neck, or back from time to time.

But knee pain along with snapping, cracking, popping sounds and swelling is a sign of a serious issue that needs to address immediately. If left undiagnosed and untreated, there can be permanent damage to your knee joint.

Knee Pain: The 4 Types You Shouldn’t Ignore

3: You Feel Something Moving in Your Knee

Feeling something moving around in your knee can be an incredibly weird sensation. Experiencing knee pain from this can make it even worse! But you should know, that sometimes pieces of cartilage and bone becomes loose around the knee joint. These are called loose bodies and can happen around any joint, but most commonly affect the knee.

Loose bodies, while sometimes easy to ignore, need to be dealt with sooner than later. They need to be removed, and this can typically be done by a minimally invasive surgical procedure.


4: You Experience Pain When Walking Up Stairs

Experiencing knee pain while walking up stairs is one of the biggest warning signs of osteoarthritis. According to the Arthritis Foundation, “When the lower body joints are affected, activities such as walking, climbing stairs and lifting objects may become difficult.”

If you have not been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, the knee pain you experience while walking and stair climbing could be a warning sign of the disease, and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease, therefore the longer you ignore this pain, and the more your knee pain will increase as your knee joint deteriorates.


Final Thoughts

I trust all of our patients, and I realize that no one knows your body better than you. You know when something is normal and also when something is off. But, sometimes things like our busy schedules, or even a big ego, get in the way of scheduling a doctors appointment for the knee pain you’ve been ignoring. Let’s quickly review, the 4 types of knee pain you should not ignore:

  • You’re experiencing pain after suffering a sports injury
  • You can hear a snap, crackle, or pop and are also noticing swelling in the knee
  • You feel something moving around in your knee, causing knee pain
  • You’re experiencing knee pain while stair climbing, walking, or lifting objects


Remember that your knees are hard working joints, and you should take the best possible care of them! At Chesapeake Family Wellness Center, we want you getting back to living a pain-free life as soon as possible, and we’re just a phone call away! If you are experiencing any of the above issues, give us a call at (410) 381-7246 to schedule a free consultation.

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