Chiropractic Care for Teenagers

Is your teenage son or daughter experiencing back pain? Do they participate in extracurricular physical activity that may have caused these issues? If so, have you ever considered chiropractic care to resolve their pain? We highly recommend if you are the parent of an athletic adolescent, bring them in any time there is injury or pain correlated with their physical activity.

How Common Is Adolescent Back Pain?

While back problems are more common in adults, they are a rarity in teens. Adolescents are by nature much more flexible and agile. This being said, backaches that accompany any athletic event (such as contact sports) should be immediately checked by a chiropractor.

Back Conditions in Teens

Back conditions that can affect teens or kids include –

  • Any pain that worsens by performing gymnastic activities (i.e. handsprings or the butterfly stroke in swimming) may be indicative of spinal conditions such as Spondylolysis. The younger the athlete the higher the chances are of developing this condition during sporting activities. The condition is often caused by over-use that causes constant trauma – this is the most common causes of back pain in kids.
  • This condition has more chances of occurring during a teen’s growth spurt, which is also why it is more common in boys rather than girls. A chiropractor might diagnose Spondylolysis in teens who are aged between 15 and 16.
  • Any type of backache that causes a compromise in a teen’s balance or coordination may be caused by a problem in the spinal cord.

Adolescents and teens might put themselves in dangerous situations more than the average five-year-old, but the fact remains that they are still kids.  In other words, they tend to be more aggressive in their activities than younger children. A four-year-old will probably not stick his hand in a light socket if he has been electrocuted once. However, an adolescent must keep stressing his back especially if he is pressured to make a tackle or prevent a touchdown for his team to win.

As a parent, you cannot stop commercial advertising or peer pressure that can influence your teenagers to push the envelope. But you can educate them to take better care of themselves, and you can familiarize them with the chiropractor. It is far better to bring them in for a chiropractic adjustment if they have an athletic accident, then for an injury to go untreated and worsen.


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