8 Great Ways to Improve Your Life In 2017

We all want to improve our life and often have no idea where to start. Here are eight simple and easy tips that can improve the quality or quantity of your life this year. Try one or more and see if you don’t agree:

  1. Drink more water. Not only does water hydrate you, but it has no caffeine, no calories, and no sugar. Your kidneys, your skin, and your hair will thank you. Water can also help keep you awake and alert and keep your appetite in check. Did you know that many people who are thirsty incorrectly believe that they are hungry? The next time you think you’re hungry, get a glass of water and wait twenty minutes. If the feeling goes away, you were merely thirsty. If not, then go get a snack.
  2. Get regular exercise at least three days a week. Not only will exercise help you to keep your weight in check, it will also improve your energy levels, increase your focus for challenging tasks, and allow you to sleep better at night.
  3. Have an attitude of gratitude. That’s right, by expressing gratitude for things in your life, you put yourself on the road to greater happiness. Not sure where to start? Try making a list in a notebook and keep it by your bed. Every night before you go to bed, try to write down one thing that happened that day you were thankful for. People report greater feelings of wellbeing the longer they continue this practice.
  4. Look at ways you can make other people feel better. Start by merely finding something about someone else to compliment. Perhaps you can tell a coworker how much you enjoyed their presentation that morning. Or tell your child you especially enjoyed a story they told about school. There is some truth in the saying, “It is better to give than to receive,” and in giving compliments to others this is true. Your own life improves when you begin to make others around you happier.
  5. Meditation. In our ever-increasingly busy world, quiet time to ourselves has become rare. Without it, we don’t allow ourselves to relax or to think. Meditation doesn’t have to be a lengthy exercise. Most people begin with only five or ten minutes a day but steadily increase the amount of time they spend meditating because of the way it makes them feel. Scientific evidence has proven that meditating improves both our physical and our mental health.
  6. Clean out your closet. Having too much stuff increases our levels of anxiety, and one place nearly everyone is guilty of hoarding on a small level is their clothes closet. A quick way to start the process is to turn all hangers around so that they are backwards. Then, as you wear an item and put it back, replace it with the hanger oriented properly. At the end of six or twelve months, any hangers that are still backwards are items you haven’t touched. You can safely donate these to a deserving cause.
  7. Unplug. As with meditation, unplugging from technology gives us time to just be with ourselves and listen to our thoughts. When we spend all our time reacting and responding to digital stimuli, we don’t ever relax. We don’t sleep well when we have electronic devices beeping or flashing in the bedroom. Start by getting away from your electronic devices for five or ten minutes at a time. Then continue to lengthen the amount of time between uses. We have a tendency to lose ourselves in technology and this begins to limit our creativity.
  8. See a chiropractor regularly. Chiropractic care will strengthen your spine, help relieve stress, and revives your ability to self-heal. Periodic checkups will help you STAY well after you GET well.



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