Types of Back Pain

When a client arrives at the office for the first time with back pain, our first course of action is to understand what the root of the problem is. We explain that there are different types of back pain, and we must first identify the cause before we can fix it. Back pain can occur for several various reasons in different parts of the back.

Back pain is classified in two different categories depending, on where the issue is occurring.

Upper Back Pain

Pain above the midline of the back, shoulders, or neck is termed as upper back pain. There can be any number of reasons for upper back pain such as stretched tendons or damaged ligaments. Upper back pain is not nearly as common as lower back pain, and can be treated by taking pain relievers and by seeing the chiropractor.

Lower Back Pain

Like the name suggests, lower back pains are directed at the base of the back and occurs due to the overstretching of muscles or direct injury to that area. This pain can be caused by a variety of reasons such as lifting heavy objects or bending in a non-natural position. Treatment for lower back pain should be consulted about with the chiropractor. It is extremely important to have these issues looked at before the worsen.

Duration of the Pain

Besides location, pain can also be classified per duration.

Acute Back Pain

A short-term pain, lasting from a few days to a few weeks is known as acute back pain. There may be numerous causes of this pain, the most common being blunt trauma caused by Ankylosing Spondylitis, arthritis, or other medical conditions.
The symptoms of this pain can range from muscular aches and incorrect posture to shooting pains in the glutes and back of the legs. While acute back pain tends to work itself out to heal, it can indeed lead to serious problems if ignored for too long.

Chronic Back Pain

If pain lasts for more than three months it is termed as chronic back pain. The cause of chronic back pain can rarely be determined without the help of a chiropractor of another medical professional. This long-term pain gets progressively worse with time; immediate treatment is necessary to prevent further complications.

Regardless of the type of back pain you may be suffering from, it is important to have the issue looked at by your chiropractor. Call the office today at (410) 381-7246 to set up an appointment with Dr. Colquitt. We would love to help you relieve the back pain you have been suffering from, no matter the type!

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